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Personal development, Inner growth, Wellbeing

Yoga with Eszter

Join my Relax Yoga classes, clean your head, energize your day and experience wellbeing through doable asanas, easy breathwork and short meditation practice in a one hour class!

One-on-One Sessions

Get one-on-one sessions, I help you process inner issues as a trained Integral Counselor and Art Therapist in a safe and supportive environment.


Take one of my workshops where we combine playful excercises with deep conversations for inner development.

One-on-One sessions

I offer integral counseling combined with elemenst of art therapy in a safe and conducive environment for personal growth. You can open up and process the most important issues that define your life now. Most of us benefit from deep and facilitated conversations to make the right decisions and to move on, in areas where we are stuck, repeat patterns or run in circles. In my sessions we conduce deep and honest conversations and extend talking with nonverbal work like imaginal techniques, music, movements, drawing and simple meditations. You’ll be more yourself and you’ll find your own way that brings the most harmony and truth to your live.

What can you expect when you come to sessions?

On the FIRST SESSION , we define the focus on which you’d like to work on. You’ll also have the chance to feel me, if I am the right person for you to work with. I might ask questions to help things come out but the basic principle is that we go in your OWN PACE. To relly get to the core of things understanding why you do things as you do and how to change them you’ll need DEEPENING TECHNIQUES like imaginal work in a relaxed state, short meditations, movements, sounding and drawing. Then we’ll process the unveiled content of self expression through talking again to integrate it to your self. If you have SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES they are also welcome, as an intuitive and meditator I will be with you in them and help you to understand and integrate.

Online and Offline Yoga classes

As an International Yoga Alliance RYT 200 Certified teacher I offer online Relax Yoga classes via Zoom to gain and maintain your physical and spiritual wellbeing. During the one hour classes we get to pure mind states and wholistic physical states in which relaxation, stretching and being energized and well balanced For this we utilize the power of ancient yoga asanas, simple breathing techniques and basic meditation to quiet the mind and calm
emotional turbulances. Thus we get back to our center. Even one hour of youga per week can effect the whole day and 2-3 classes a week effect the whole week.


Join my workshops where you can acclerate your inner development: healing, opening and growth! Workhsops usually support our development fast, because when a group of interested people join deep conversations and get into authentic states a special and meaningful atmosphere is created. Nothing more healing, liberating and harmonzing than honest sharings and reflections of people in a well moderated discussions circle, combined with playful exercises where we get into flow states.

Some of the main topics are Confidence, Self expression, Becoming yourself.

This workshop is for you.

What techniques are we using?
Talking in circle, sharing our interiors in our own pace that feels right, extended with exercises of art therapy, imgainal work, meditation, yoga and movements.

Our integral approach based on Ken Wilber describes the two most important
aspects of inner growth among others:

About the Integral Approach

Integral Theory, also called integral psychology is a contemporary leading edge approach from the field of consciousness studies, psychology, research supported spirituality, and social sciences. As a prime understanding framework for human behavior integral theory is also applied to organizations, leadership, business, ecology, and other areas of life.  The founder of Integral Theory is contemporary American thinker and writer Ken Wilber who is often regarded as “the Einstein of consciousness” and some think his work is as much a game changer for the 21st century as Freud was for the 20th century in psychology or Einstein in physics.

IT integrates 100+ well established and time tested theories in the field of developmental psychology and spiritual traditions like yoga, Buddhism and Christian mysticism. Integral theory has five major topics:

The most important part is the stages of development model that brings together teh stages researched and described in Western Psychology and the ones described as meditative development in spiritual traditions, thus offering a full spectrum approach from birth through childhood and adult development till full spiritual awakening.

About me

My work is manyfolds. I do one-on one sessions as an integral councelor, trained at the Integral Academy in Hungary, I also offer workhops to work in groups and lead online and in person yoga classes as a yoga teacher. I also teach children in a Waldrof school.

In my work I use the integral apporach pioneered by Ken Wilber a psycho-spiritual professional framework and an integrative arrays of techniques ranging from uncovering verbal therapeutic conversatins with rogersian and psychoanalitic elements, hypno-nlp techniques for processing memories and emotions, art therapy for self expression, clear communication for clarity, elements of role play and psychodrama to process stuff, somatic workouts and bodywork to reach parts that are verbally unrechable, and meditation to get beyond the mind and ego to true self and spiritual guidence.


I work in a private practice as an integral councelor in Buapest Hungary in the 2.district in Buda near the Mammut Mall in teh Integral Center, also offering workshops there. I also work via zoom with private clients who an book sessions with me from anywhere around the globe.

I also work for the UN supported Cordelia Foundtion with psychiatrist and psychotehrapists to offer psychological help for torture victims, in part refugees who migrate through Hungary.

As a yoga teacher I work out from my home on zoom for a global audience, and in Budapest’s yoga studios for local Hungarian, French and English speaking people.


Was born and raised near Budapest, Hungary and left the country at age 18 to live in Fance for 10 years. There I got my diplomas in the French Apls town Grenoble from Art Hystory, and then Art Therapy in the Medical Universtiy of Grenoble. I also worked there in the oncology ward of the Grenoble Hospital with art therapy for children using music and play.

Returning to Hungary in 2014 after 10 years I was invited by the psychoanalitically oriented psychiatrist and psychotherapists of the UN supported Hungarian Coredelia Foundation, first as a French translator, then as an art therapist, to work with refugees in refugee camps and in the foundation’s main center in Budapest. Later I completed the 3-year integral psychology program of Integral Academy in Hungary between 2017 and 2020, becoming an integral councelor starting my own private practice. I have completed the iyoga teacher training program between 2017 and 2018, becoming an International Yoga Alliance RYS 200 certified teacher, and started to offer yoga classes.

I am also a vipasana meditator doing long silent retreats and home practice, and a runner, with a former professional sport carrier that I left for being a therapist and now continuing running for my own fun and wellbeing.

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